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VA - Meet The Carroll Girls

型番(レーベル) ・Marginal
販売価格 2,380円(内税)
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    CD NEW
    圧倒的な編集でコレクターに人気の"Marginal"レーベルの50's〜60's Girls Vocal編集盤!!!今回は"Carroll"のついたアーティストばかりを収録した企画ものながらその内容も充実!!
    1 Andrea Carroll Doolang 2 Bernadette Carroll He's Just A Playboy 3 Cathy Carroll Young Ones 4 Toni Carroll Overnight 5 Yvonne Carroll Please Don't Go 6 Bernadette Carroll My Heart Stood Still 7 Andrea Carroll It Hurts To Be 16 8 Gina Carroll Bye Bye Big Boy 9 Bernadette Carroll Party Girl 10 Yvonne Carroll Mister Loveman 11 Andrea Carroll Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard 12 Cathy Carroll Where The Roses Are Growing 13 Yvonne Carroll There He Goes 14 Vivian Carol Oh! Yeah Yeah Yeah 15 Bernadette Carroll Happy Birthday 16 Cathy Carroll I Know (That's How It Will Be) 17 Bernadette Carroll Nicky 18 Cathy Carroll Poor Little Puppet 19 Candy Carroll You Came A Long Way From St. Louis 20 Andrea Carroll Why Am I So Shy? 21 Cathy Carroll I'll Be Hurt 22 Lisa Carroll Keyman 23 Yvonne Carroll A Little Bit Of Soap 24 Cathy Carroll Johnny Come Lately 25 Toni Carroll Welcome Home Baby 26 Marsha Carroll Until Next Summer 27 Andrea Carroll Miss Happiness 28 Dottie Carroll That's The Thing To Do 29 Bernadette Carroll Don't Hurt Me 30 Pat Carroll I Only Have Eyes For You 31 Yvonne Carroll Stuck On You 32 Cathy Carroll Deep In A Young Boy's Heart 33 Andrea Carroll Mr. Musicman 34 Andrea Carroll I Wanna Go Home