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VA - East Coast Teen Party Vol.5

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    CD NEW
    UK編集の50's & ロカビリー系イベントでの人気のレコードホップナンバーばかりを集めた人気シリーズ!!! 黒人多めな感じですが、R&R / Black R&R / Rockin Blues / Jive,,,を中心にJive & Strol & Boper ナンバーが縦横無尽に詰め込まれたネタ満載のCD!!Vol.5は、"SUE"レーベルからリリースされた"Don Covey"のストロールナンバー"Believe It Or Not"や"Sam Cooke"のJiverナンバー"Feel It"や80'sのBlack Rocker"バーレンスホイットフィールド"の"Bloody Mary"と"Stop Twisting My Arm"まで収録!!レコードホップ系ナンバーが満載です。
    Luther Dixon, The Cobras-la la, Ricky Nelson-you know what I mean, The Carnations, Little Richard-little richard boogie, Nappy Brown, Sam Cooke-shake rattle & roll, The Drifters, The Savages-bloody mary & stop twistin' my arm, Dick Dale-miserlou, Tommy Ridgley-jam up Full track listing :THE BROOK BROTHERS: Warpaint/ NAPPY BROWN: Piddley Patter Patter/ THE CARNATIONS: Long Tall Girl/ DEE CLARK: At My Front Door/ THE COBRAS: La La (hey Baby)/ SAM COOKE: Feel It/ Shake Rattle And Roll/ DON COVAY: Believe It Or Not/ DICK DALE: Misirlou/ DION: The Majestic/ LUTHER DIXON: Feeling Of Love/ FATS DOMINO: Whole Lot Of Loving/ THE DRIFTERS: Fools Fall In Love/ THE FASCINATORS: Oh Rosemarie/ BILL HALEY: Let The Good Times Roll, Creole/ LITTLE RICHARD: Little Richard Boogie/ RICKY NELSON: You Know What I Mean/ PAT PATTON: Bluejean Bop/ THE PENGUINS: Promises Promises Promises/ TODD RHODES: You Mouth Got A Hole In It/ TOMMY RIDGLEY: Jam Up/ THE SAVAGES: Bloody Mary/ Stop Twisting My Arm/ JOE TEX: Grannie Stole The Show/ BIG 'T' TYLER: King Kong/ V AND BB: They Just Rocking And Rolling/ OSCAR WILLS: Flatfoot Sam/ NAT WRIGHT: You Don't Know