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VA - Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie

型番(レーベル) ・ACE
販売価格 1,680円(内税)
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    中古CD VG+ / VG+
    80'sにレコードでリリースされていた名門"Starday "レーベルの音源を中心に"King"や"Era"の音源も収録した南部の50's Rockabilly の魅力たっぷりの名作"Best Of Ace Rockabilly"と"Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie"をカップリング!! "Sonny Fisher - Rockin Daddy""Hal Harris - Jitterbop baby"等、これぞRockabillyといえるclassic ナンバーばかり収録した必聴作!! Graet!!
    01 NOTHIN' BUT A NUTHIN' Jimmy Stewart & His Nighthawks 02 DARLIN' Jimmie Dale 03 BABY DOLL Jimmie Dale 04 PRETENDING IS A GAME Sleepy Jeffers & The Davis Twins 05 DON'T SWEEP THAT DIRT ON ME Buddy Shaw 06 MY BABY LEFT ME Rock Rogers 07 LITTLE DOG BLUES Mel Price 08 HENPECKED DADDY Ralph Johnson And The Hillbilly Show 09 UMM BOY YOU'RE MY BABY Bill Johnson & The Dabblers 10 STONEY MOUNTAIN BOOGIE Stoney Mountain Playboys 11 MY BLACKBIRDS ARE BLUEBIRDS NOW Sleepy Jeffers & The Davis Twins 12 NO MORE Buddy Shaw 13 BIG BLACK CAT R D Hendon And The Western Jamboree Cowboys 14 IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT Bill Mack 15 ROCKIN' DADDY Sonny Fisher & The Rocking Boys 16 EVERYBODY'S MOVIN' Glen Glenn 17 I CAN'T FIND THE DOORKNOB Jimmy And Johnny 18 MY BIG FAT BABY Sonny Hall & The Echoes 19 HOW COME IT Thumper Jones 20 TRUCKER FROM TENNESSEE Link Davis 21 LITTLE BIT MORE Sleepy La Beef 22 JITTERBOP BABY Hal Harris 23 LET'S GET IT ON Hershel Almond With Al Good & His Band 24 ONE CUP OF COFFEE Glen Glenn 25 I'M A HOBO Danny Reeves 26 ROCK IT George Jones 27 SNEAKY PETE Sonny Fisher 28 I'M THROUGH Sleepy La Beef