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VA - Girls Girls Girls Vol.1

型番(レーベル) ・Marginal
販売価格 2,380円(内税)
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    CD NEW
    圧倒的な編集でコレクターに人気の"Marginal"レーベルの50's〜60's Girls Vocal編集盤!!!可愛らしいGirls PopナンバーからJazzyでPopcorn系のフィメールボーカルものまで、レア度の高いナンバーを一挙収録!!!Great!!Vol.1!!
    1 Val McKenna Mixed Up Shook Up Girl 2 Cathy & Cookie That Man Of Mine 3 Patsy Ann Noble Sour Grapes 4 Bet E. Martin I Know A Girl 5 Ethel Ennis San Juan 6 Tracey Dey Who's That 7 Ginny Arnel Dumb Head 8 Petula Clark Isn't It A Lovely Day 9 Tammy Levon A Schoolgirl's Dream 10 Gloria Lynne Speaking Of Hapiness 11 Billie Dawne Beginner's Luck 12 Diane Renay Soft Spoken Guy 13 Eileen Rodgers Careful Careful 14 Carmen McRae Oh Look At Me Now 15 Helen Shapiro He Knows How To Love Me 16 Sherrys Slow Jerk 17 Babs Tino Forgive Me 18 April Young Gonna Make Him My Baby 19 Teri Allen In The First Place 20 Bee, Molly He Doesn't Want You 21 Azie Mortimer Lips 22 Diane Castle Somebody Else's Baby 23 Little Eva Taking Back What I Said 24 Ann Heywood Crook His Little Finger 25 Yvonne Carroll Please Don't Go